In Which Our Hero Raises an Eyebrow

Me, yesterday.

Pith, today.

Two things.  One, if you got the idea from me, give me credit.  Two, if you didn’t get the idea from me, doesn’t this whole thing just prove you ought to be paying more attention to me?


Or three… Maybe I’m psychic.  Ooo.  Spooky!

2 thoughts on “In Which Our Hero Raises an Eyebrow

  1. I can picture the city limit signs now: “Welcome to Nashville, you foreign fuckers!”

    We shall never know if you were ripped off, but you are certainly worthy of imitation. Aunt B. for president! Mrs. Wigglebottom for Secretary of State! Me for Head of Feline-Canine Relations and Poet Laureate.

  2. If it passes, I’m totally going to start campaigning for that to be the city limit sign.

    Henry, I have to ask, because I’ve seen my cats behave this way–is your idea of “feline-canine relations” to pick on dogs mercilessly and swat their behinds with your claws full out? Because I’m not sure that counts as “relations.”

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