All Clear!

We just got back from the vet (and dinner) and Mrs. Wigglebottom is now free to move around however she wants.

Also, the Chicago-style Gyro place on Dickerson pike has this dish called chicke and rice and bread which is… yes… and it is so good.  Oh god.  My stomach is so happy.

11 thoughts on “All Clear!

  1. Ha. Yes. Real chicke and some chicken thrown in for even more tastiness.

    And now I must ask a question for the ages. How does one pronounce Gyro. GEE-row. Year-ooo. Jeye row or what?

  2. It depends. If one is discussing a Segway, one says Jie-ro. If one is discussing food and is Greek or pretentious, one says Year-ooo. If not, one should properly say Gear-oh or Gear-ooo.

  3. It’s immediately south of Briley, across from the McDonald’s. It’s sketchy; don’t get me wrong. But that chicken, rice, and bread was outstanding. I would eat it again today and y’all know I’m on my “chicken is so disgusting” kick.

  4. The proprieter of the Greek place downtown in the arcade makes everyone say it ‘hero’. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode.

  5. My first thought upon reading the news of Mrs. W was to hear the little Southwest bell go “ding” and then think “Mrs. W is now free to move about the country.” Yaaaaay! ~ blows kisses ~

    Secondly, I also ask about the pronounciation of the sandwich. I was once told by a kindly sandwich proprietor that it is pronounced “yeeros,” if you want to get close to the original Greek ˈʝirɔs. He added, “if you really want to say it right, you need to sort of let it roll out of the side of your mouth. I like to hear you Americans mangle it.” Lovely man, lovely sandwiches. Which also had a tendency to roll out of the corner of your mouth because he overstuffed them. Mmm.

    Kind of like the

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