Preach, Sister Beale, Preach

Read this.

The TVA spills crap all over Tennessee and Tennesseans will get to pay to clean it up.  TVA execs still have jobs.  Aunt B. is reduced to terse sentences.  And speaking of myself in the third person.

So you know it’s bad.

6 thoughts on “Preach, Sister Beale, Preach

  1. .. and at the hearings Sen. Barbara Boxer keeps telling Tom Kilgore over and over “what a nice man” he is, while Delaware’s Sen. Carper quotes Roberta Flack songs.

    You just can’t make this shit up.

  2. At what point in this whole TVA controversy do I point out that the Federal Government once thought this was so great an idea as to rob thousands of American Citizens of their land to implement it?

  3. I have been stomping around the house and office about this all morning, yelling to all and sundry that it can’t be borne and won’t be borne and by God I’m gonna do something about it.

    Watch out Bart and Jim and Lamar and Bob. You’re about to get an e-mail demanding that you tell TVA to pay for this preventable catastrophe out of its hide, not off our backs. No more bonuses, no more parties, no more nothing until this is cleaned up and paid for. Citizens were furious at the Wall Street bailout recipients’ spending sprees and the financiers hadn’t even POISONED anybody.

  4. Not sure your point, Kat. The fact that TVA is a public utility is probably the only selling point in this horrible mess, because that means they have to operate with a lot more transparency. Doesn’t stop them from trying to manage the message but they’re having a helluva lot tougher time of it than if this were Kerr-McGee.

  5. Duh — I’m surprised they’re only saying this now, rather than earlier. Hell, it’s a no-brainer that we’ll be paying for it.

  6. I’d say you probably shouldn’t point it out at all Kat. That point is probably better left unsaid since the so called ‘great idea’ is why I have electricity and my house doesn’t flood.

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