14 thoughts on “I’m Sure You Understand

  1. OMG. That’s amazing. I don’t think it’s creepy at all. I’m actually quite impressed; she must have been practicing for a long time. She’s got so many little details in her dance.

  2. I adore the way she keeps flipping her hair around, too. Oh god, I would love if I had a little kid dancing around my living room like that.

  3. Well, dancers have to start young. I love it that the tiny girl can do that; I just hope that her parent(s) are showing her something besides MTV to imitate.

  4. I love this video. My sister sent it to me awhile back and tried to convince me to get my 5 year old to do it! It’s one of those you laugh and then think…this is what Britney Spears was doing as a preschooler!

  5. It’s definitely less creepy than, say, the little sister of the meanest girl in Mean Girls. This little girl seems to have having an awesome time. I hope that dancing always means expression and fun and confidence for her, even when she’s old enough for it to mean other things too!

  6. That kid is remarkably coordinated for a child that age. She could do worse than imitating this piece. The choreography for “All the Single Ladies” is derived from a Gwen Verdon trio (“Mexican Breakfast”) choreographed by Bob Fosse, Though it’s on MTV and is performed by the bootylicious Sasha Fierce rather than the awesome Ms. Verdon, the bones of the movement are Broadway jazz.

  7. I found that very disturbing, in the same way I find those E*Trade baby advertisements disturbing.

  8. I’ll take a kid imitating Beyonce’s dance moves over a kid imitating some other MTV high rollers like my godson does. At 4, he’s throwing gang signs and says he wants to be a gangsta when he grows up. I should show him this video. Maybe we can reverse the damage.

  9. Tom, you have to be able to guarantee me an “x” chromosome to go with the one I’ve already got, though. How fast can you sort?

    Jag, my 6 year old nephew has his ears pierced and is running around showing off the cubic zirconium like it’s real diamonds. So when you figure out what the deprogramming method is, please share.

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