Some Girl Scout Leader Somewhere, Save Me From Myself

Oh my god, Burpee has got to be the most genius marketers in the world.  First, I’ve begun using their site as nerd-porn when I just need something to switch my brain to, like the question of “How many flowers could I plant in my yard if I had a budget of $5 million dollars?” which is a dangerous question to ask because, at some point, you start thinking “Could I get a credit card with a five million dollar limit if I applied as ‘Beyonce’ instead of ‘B.'”?

And now they’ve just sent me an email with an advertisement for this little device.  And my desire for it is almost unbearable.  But it occurs to me looking at it that I have seen people, maybe even Girl Scouts who fold little square boxes out of paper to put treats in and, if only I knew how to fold those boxes, I could just make little newspaper boxes and fill them with dirt for free and not pay $20 for something that looks a little like a butt plug.  (Not that $20 isn’t a fair price for a butt plug, I’m just saying that this only looks like a butt plug.)

6 thoughts on “Some Girl Scout Leader Somewhere, Save Me From Myself

  1. I would think if you just bought a piece of dowel (OR GOT A LOG FROM YOUR YARD) and wrapped some paper around it it would do the same thing. You know, just fold the bottom part around like a burrito, and tuck the top paper inside.

    It’s better than $20 for that butt-plug.

  2. I know at least two different methods to fold container like items out of paper. Neither gives quite the same dimensions as that but you could experiment.

    One is your standard origami cup. Which probably has problems standing up unassisted. Though if you plan to pack a whole bunch of them into some kind of box that wouldn’t matter. It’s the simplest origami thing ever and I’m sure the internet knows how to do it.

    The other one resulted in a wider, shallower, box and also involved a small amount of cutting. Like this…I think.

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