State Troopers. Really?

I don’t think we’ve had this much excitement at the State Legislature since Harry T. Burn gave women the right to vote:

It should be noted that after Burn cast his historic vote, he hid in the attic of the capitol until the maddening crowds cleared away.  It is also rumored that the anti-suffragists were so angry at his decision that they chased him from the chamber, forced him to climb out a window of the Capitol and inch along a ledge to safety.

At least Kent Williams is not inching along ledges or hiding in the attic of the capitol, but the scene was still intense:

There were cries of “traitor,” and Channel 4 reports a trooper had to go into the gallery and calm down one guy. Republicans booed as Williams went to the House well to speak. “I’d appreciate it if  everyone in this chamber would just hear me out,” Williams shouted. “I’m a Republican but not for much longer because you guys are going to kick me out, probably.”


In an unusual move, Highway Patrolmen stood guard at the podium when Williams walked up to it, and troopers surrounded Williams as he left the chamber and ducked into the speaker’s office.

5 thoughts on “State Troopers. Really?

  1. You know, recently I was thinking, “My God, Kentucky politics are so tawdry and provencial.”

    Then I come across this drama you folks are dealing with, and I think to myself…

    Thank God for Tennessee.

    That and Jodie Meeks. He soooo burned you guys.

  2. Why is it we keep making the headlines every time someone in Tennessee gets on their knees around a trooper. First the porn starlett now Kent Williams.

  3. My stepdad likes to whine about how “corrupt” Oklahoma politicians are. He LOVES to bring up all the drama (he also keeps voting for every Repub, even the ones at the center of the scandels). I would like to say, with a certain amount of envy, these hicks have NOTHING on your hicks!!!

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