In Which I Respectfully Disagree

There are times when you have to complain during sex.  I’m sorry.  There just are.  Jam your elbow into my boob, for instance?  I’m complaining.  Claim you’re up for a threesome and then fail to rise to the occassion?  Dude, I’m probably still complaining about that on the internet a decade later.

Otherwise, yes, good post.

6 thoughts on “In Which I Respectfully Disagree

  1. Claim you’re up for a threesome and then fail to rise to the occassion?

    Before or after the third party arrived, because I’d be damned if I’d let somebody back down after.

  2. Easy enough for you, sir. If you decide to go with one pitcher and two catchers and the pitcher’s arm goes all soft and floppy, you can just swap places. In other configurations, if the pitcher doesn’t show up ready to play, but insists on taking the field… well… what can you do?

  3. Fair enough, but surely you had a toy box you could dug into or something. I’m telling you, I’d have been all “I’m getting laid one way or another, so if you want to be a part of it, you better figure something out in a hurry.”

  4. So, in this analogy, is Williams the sex toy? I’m having some trouble keeping it all sorted out in my mental picture.

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