5 thoughts on “Oh, No, No, No

  1. LWC, then what do you make of the “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Speaker Emeritus may perform such functions and duties as are assigned by the Speaker of the House.” portion?

    That sounds to me like an end-run around the voters. They voted for Williams to run things. And by god, he should run things. If he sucks, well, then… they shouldn’t have voted for him just to stick it to the Republicans. You don’t get to vote in someone you think is shitty and then leave yourself a way for him to give the stuff that’s too hard to Naifeh. That’s not cool.

  2. The Speaker can have anyone he wants preside at any time, just like they do in Congress. Pelosi doesn’t always sit in the chair, most get a shot in the chair unless it’s an important bill or event.

    Now, if this contained extra PAY or kept Naifeh at the pay he received as a Speaker, then bitching could commence at a high level, and I would join the choir.

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