30 Pieces of Silver

So, let me get this straight, Bill Hobbs thinks what Kent Williams did is the equivalent of betraying Jesus?!  The TNGOP are now, collectively, somehow, Christ?

Holy shit!

Just when I start to feel a little bad for them, they’re all, “Yeah, Jesus and us, we’ve suffered.”  If there is a just and loving god, why isn’t Bill Hobbs struck by lightning for this kind of nonsense?  Or at least tripped as he’s walking down the street by the Risen Savior?

6 thoughts on “30 Pieces of Silver

  1. My question is this, clearly it’s wrong to claim to be bigger than Jesus, as the Beatles did, but is there anything wrong with claiming to be as betrayed as Jesus? Is Hobbs now claiming that the TNGOP is only slightly less important than the Beatles?

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

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