Sean’s Right

If “English Only/First” doesn’t pass, I will faint in shock.  But I was talking to John Lamb about this and he said, and I believe him, that even if it does pass, this won’t be the end of it.  This is an issue perfectly designed for Crafton to ride it for as long as he likes.  If it doesn’t pass, he’ll bring it again and again and again.  If it does pass, it’s not going to work.  Everyone knows that.  There’s no way that the city is going to give up that federal money, so people will still hear languages other than English, so Crafton will be able to bring up more measures designed to “strengthen” English only.

This fight is going to go on.  There’s only one way to stop it that I see: point out that it’s racist as fuck.

“First it was ‘Whites Only.’ Now it’s ‘English Only.’ Stop the hate.”

“Why am I against ‘English Only’?  Because I’m not a bigot.”

We all know it’s racist.  We all know Crafton didn’t reveal his funders because he doesn’t want folks to see that his money is coming from white supremacists.

Why bother pretending otherwise?  And it’s going to win because we don’t want real change, we just want to be the ones who get to inflict misery.

Gah, the whole thing pisses me off.

2 thoughts on “Sean’s Right

  1. I dunno .. I agree, my first inclination is to say this will pass, possibly overwhelmingly. But I suspect if it failed, Crafton would be a laughingstock (this is, after all, his second attempt). Any future attempts would whither on the vine. People don’t like to be on the losing side, they like to support winners.

  2. It’s not going to go away ever. Because, frankly, I know Eric Crafton’s name.

    I don’t even remember the mayor’s name half the time.

    So Crafton’s bought himself great name recognition–which is 2/3rd the battle in politics. As we’ve all seen, people tend to stick with what made them famous in the first place (assuming they want continued fame or notoriety).

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