Why Yes I Do Love Brightly Colored Whimsy. Why Do You Ask?

I thought y’all might appreciate an update on the various projects going on at our house.

The bottle tree is… well… it’s not that cool actually.  Except first thing in the morning, when the sun is bright and low on the horizon and it hits those bottles and the whole thing just sparkles up like art or something.  This picture gives you only a hint of how it shines.


I don’t know how it does at distracting evil spirits as we didn’t seem to have an evil spirit problem before it went up.  At the least, I can tell you that we’ve had no evil spirits here since it’s been up and I expect that will remain true as we get more bottles on it.

And then there’s the Kool-aid afghan which is two steps away from being done.  I have to tuck the ends in and then block the whole thing.  I’ve been a little lax about tucking the ends in in my spare time because I have no intention of trying to block that thing while it’s so cold.  I have to be able to spread it out someplace while it’s damp and let it dry, which means that the cats have to be outside and that I have to get sopping wet in cold water (this is not a requirement for all afghan-makers; it’s just what usually happens when I try to block a project this large).

But, in these photos you can see how it will be.  The thing I love best about this afghan is that, usually, when you make a granny square afghan, one side of the squares looks really nice and the other side kind of sucks ass.  But, tying the squares together like this gives you a nice border around the squares on the back, which really makes the back of the afghan look sharp.


Um, ha, I guess you have to turn your head to get the full effect.  Sorry.  But, that’s the back and you can see the strings that still need to be tucked there on the floor.


And here’s what it looks like from the front.  No real noticeable border between the squares, so your eye goes more to the patterns the colors and the stitches make.  And I dyed all that yarn with Kool-aid!  And it looks so good.  It just tickles me to no end.

I did that.  Wow.