The Giant Donut-Fueled Conspiracy to Kill Babies

You just could not make stuff like this up.

It’s almost a PETA-level shenanigan. where you almost wonder if the American Life League isn’t a Planned Parenthood front.  I mean, “Anti-abortion people want to steal your donuts”?!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Well, fine.  If that’s what it takes.  First they wanted to control what goes in my uterus; now they want to control what goes in your mouth.  It would have seemed like a stretch of an argument too far for any pro-choice person to make and yet, here it is: fact.

7 thoughts on “The Giant Donut-Fueled Conspiracy to Kill Babies

  1. I knew someone was going to say that. And I can understand the diagnosis of insanity. But I’m going to stick with inanity anyway.

  2. if I was nice I’d say, “She’s obviously got some cognitive impairment going there…”

    But that’s a profound disrespect to those with cognitive impairment.

    Batshit crazy, that’s it.

  3. Bloody formatting errors! That was supposed to stop being italic after have.

    … nope, I’m not out of practice with this bloggingcommentinghtml thing at all. *whistles innocently*

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