An Open Letter to Pith in the Wind

Dear Pith,

I love your new design so much that I wrote this little poem about it.

Oh Pith, I delight in your new design

Look, it’s so crisp and clean and so refined

It’s the best thing on these intertubes

But Hargrove’s still not getting near my boobs.

That’s right, Pith, I love your new design so much I whipped out the pentameter.  I’m willing to bet money that Jeff Woods isn’t writing you poems in vaguely iambic pentameter.  Just saying.

Anyway, I have a few suggestions that I thought I’d pass along (No Depression, you might could listen up to a few of these, too).

1 (and most important): Include the full post in your feed.  I love you but it’s annoying bordering on ignorable when I only have a few lines of text in my reader (or none at all, No Depression!).  You don’t want to be ignorable (especially not after awesome, deeply insightful posts like this one.)

2: When you link to someone, your link should open in a new window, not in the same window.  You want your reader to have a little positive reinforcement–she reads you.  She clicks on the link.  She reads that.  And, if only to close your tab (or window) she has to come back to you.

3: We’re all on the same page that the ‘airplane’ thing is a quaint joke, right?

4: Ha, there is no four!  There was barely a three!  I love the new design.  (Though, in all fairness, I am not a designer, so, in reality, it may suck balls, just for the sake of honesty.)


Aunt B.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Pith in the Wind

  1. The new redesign is pretty. They obviously want to be a major blog player.

    I’m sorry to be curmudgeonly but I just can’t warm to them. Not after the shitstorm they poured on the blogs for the first two years i did this.

  2. Dear Aunt B,

    We find your poem quite touching

    My heart I am clutching

    Hargrove speaks often of your boobs

    But don’t mind him; he’s descended from rubes

  3. The new Pith, like the old one, takes waaaaaay too long to load.

    And while I wish I could think that those in charge of blogs at No Depression read TCP religiously, I have the feeling that they don’t and that your instruction is wasted. It’s a shame.

  4. Hmm. Really? I find this much, much, much faster.

    And I say that it’s No Depression’s loss. I welcome them to the blogosphere with open arms.

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