In Which I Eat a Little Crow

Oh how I teased Roger Abramson about trying to rain on my joy at the Kent Williams fiasco.  And I must stand here before you today and say that Abramson’s ascertation that this turn of events was no boon to progressives has turned out to be true in concrete fashion.

Tiny Pasture reports that Williams allegedly sexually harrassed Representative Lynn.

If it’s not true, it’s unfortunate that it’s been dredged up again.  Spreading this untruth would basically prove that all the Republican hand-wringing over how big a bunch of untrustworthy liars the Democrats and Williams are is just theater to cover their own untrustworthiness and lies.

But I’m with Woods.  I don’t see any evidence of a Republican smear campaign.  Kleinheider and I talked about this alleged incident a while back and it doesn’t seem like a far stretch to me to believe that something that was at the back of his mind then would be brought to the front when Williams blew up on the scene.

So, what if it’s true?

If it’s true, then we also have a deeply troubling situation.  First, again, back to Woods’s question.  If things went down as reported, why didn’t Mumpower reprimand Williams?  According to Kleinheider, there were witnesses to the incidents and Williams at the time did not deny them, but promised they would not be repeated.

I understand why Lynn might not have cared if he was reprimanded.  After all, her attention was on getting the incidents stopped and for Williams to straighten out.  If her actions with Mumpower achieved that, great.

But Mumpower had an obligation to at least every Republican woman under his purview and, I would hope, should have felt some moral responsibility to all of the women who might have to work with Williams.  His responsibility went farther than just getting Williams to back off Lynn.  He had a responsibility to make sure that Williams understood as clearly as possible that such actions are inappropriate and unacceptable.  And he had a responsibility to do so in such a way that, if Williams’ next target were someone less powerful, less sure of herself, less likely to be taken seriously, there was a big red warning flag attached to him that he had already pulled this kind of stuff.

Mumpower failed here.

But Mumpower’s failure is nothing, NOTHING, compared to the failure of the Democrats in this case.  Sadly, it’s an unsurprising failure.  I’ve said as much to them any time one of them gives me an occasion to say it.  They run around the Capitol like it is their private Playboy mansion and when you look at how many folks are literally in bed with lobbyists, it’s unsurprising that the Democrats would have no problem throwing their weight behind a guy who wants to play a little grab-ass with Representative Lynn.

But it’s exceptionally disgusting.  Our laws are now being shaped and herded through by a guy who doesn’t understand that the women he works with are not there first and foremost for his pleasure.  If he looks at his colleagues and thinks that some of them should be okay with him approaching them from behind and having him embrace them and if he can’t tell the difference between a bar and a parking garage, then how are we supposed to trust his judgment on legislation pertaining to women?

And why, on God’s green earth, would any female Democrat vote for him, knowing, as they must have, that he seems to be a letch?

If the Democrats want to convince liberals in the state that they are serious about our support, this kind of shit has to stop.  You don’t take a man who doesn’t understand that he can’t grab hold of the people he works with to see if they might acquiesce in a position of power, because it’s a hell of a lot harder for people with less power than him to not acquiesce if they want to.

But, hey, if you want to continue to run around the Statehouse like it’s a giant frat party, more power to you.  Just don’t look to folks like me for support.

If you want to lead, then act like leaders.

(And am I the only one who gets a headache from trying to image in which directions the lawsuits could fly, should lawsuits start flying, with all the people who knew about this and kept moving him up the chain?)

26 thoughts on “In Which I Eat a Little Crow

  1. B —

    Crow has plenty of protein, and it’s tolerable with a pint of good beer. I know–I’ve eaten plenty of it.

    Anyway, this is a sampling of the kind of thing I was talking about. That little maneuver last week was never about keeping the Republican Caucus out of power. It was completely about keeping the Old Fart Overgrown Frat Boy Caucus in power.

  2. While you are chastising Mumpower you should throw Naifeh in there too. He was advised of the whole situation and also did nothing, while Speaker of the House. If Williams had not been one of the “Naifeh Seven” Republicans who backed him you can bet he would have made political hay from this.

  3. I never get my copy of The Liberal Agenda until it’s too late. Are we disregarding frat boy stuff now?

    Roger, thanks, yes. I thought it was implicit in the post.

  4. I heard this on WPLN this morning. You can probably find a transcript on their website, but the issue was raised, discussed, and dismissed. Williams asserts he made some pasty? tasty? tasteless? (I couldn’t tell and I was listening in my car) comments and he and Lynn settled the matter. And it was never brought up again. I imagine from what they both said that he made a comment that was likely off-color and she wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. I think that worked and they’ve both moved on.

  5. Oh, I just read the link to the Post. Well, that’s just not bright on Williams’s part. Don’t men in this day and age know that kind of shit is not the compliment they think it is?

  6. Sarcastro, if you can get the Dems to pass the appropriate legislation, I’m all for it.

    Lesley, I don’t know. I am still thinking how much it must just have sucked to have some creepy dude follow Lynn into the parking garage in order to “compliment” her. I’m always struck by being confused about whether guys like that have no idea how frightening that shit is or if they don’t care.

  7. Shocking that WPLN gave it short shrift. All of my faith in public radio is now destroyed.

    Anyway, it wasn’t just words; there was physical contact too (assuming that the report is factual).

  8. Don’t worry, Roger. We liberals have a nice camp you can go to in order to have your faith in public radio restored. Obama did that right after he stopped all proceedings at Gitmo.

    BTW, pack for warm weather!

  9. Roger, I just want to mention how sorry I am that you don’t have comments at your place. Anyone who makes me giggle as much as you did over the course of your last half-dozen posts deserves to be thanked at his own space. But thanks over here, anyhow.

  10. I am not a “liberal blogger” and I don’t know if Williams is actually guilty of harrassment or not but you are all very naive if you don’t think the Republicans wouldn’t stoop to outright lying about this incident. I have seen them do worse.

    Without any more information except for he said-she said comments, I am not prepared to judge Kent williams at all.

  11. nm —

    It’s a common complaint. I have no rational reason for not having comments. I just don’t like having them, although, as you see, nothing stops me from leaving them elsewhere.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  12. Of course you have no rational reason; conservatives like you never do. You’re just doing it to persecute your leftist readers like me.

  13. this situation is bad from a lot of different ways. First that it happened. Sadly, there seem to be people who have no clue about how to behave. But, not only that but then leaders in both frat boy parties did nothing whatever until Williams displeased one of the fraternities and then wham, this is somehow discovered by a blogger.

    Right. This has transparent written all over it.

  14. whether guys like that have no idea how frightening that shit is or if they don’t care.

    Aunt B, I’m a big old Hoss Cartwright sized man with a little less paunch. Sometimes I forget the effect that my size has on smaller people who don’t already know me. I may seem really large to other people and some of them are scared of me. It tends to shock me when I get that reaction because I’m just me and I forget that I’m Hoss at times if that makes sense.

    I don’t try to scare people because there is no reason to. Maybe some of the wierdo guys actually don’t know they are scarey to women. Just like most ass holes are surprised to find out that they are ass holes.

    I worked with an old-school professor at a small Christian college who caused all of us to have to take sexual harrasment classes by snapping a girls exposed thong back when it was the fashion for them to wear them exposed. He didn’t seem to understand during the training that it was his fault and even suggested that I should marry one of “these sweet young things” before I got much older in front of several female professors. Both incidents seemed like firing offenses and he never realized that any of it was wrong.

  15. You realize that Representative Lynn is at the forefront on the legislators wanting to limit your reproductive rights and put the government in your cooter right?

  16. Ugh, Casey, that’s so depressing.

    NM, exactly. Lynn is an evil shit, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay that this happened. It does help explain her continuing response to this, though, that’s for sure. (“It” being her own misunderstanding of whether she has a right to her own body.)

  17. 1) Why would you write one memo for supposedly 2 incidents?
    2) How do we know that Naifeh was even made aware of this?
    3) Why wasn’t copies of this memo given to anyone after the supposedly incidents happened?
    4) If Lynn was satisfied with whatever outcome there was, why is it a big deal now?
    5) If Lynn felt harassed by Williams, why did she give him a big hug just a few weeks ago as Rep Dale Ford has spoken about? Why did she give Rep Dale Ford one also?
    6) If Lynn was harassed by Williams, why did she attend a social function, univited where Williams was a host?
    7) If it was a big deal, why didn’t Mumpower do his job at the time? Seems to me that everyone would had notification of this in writing.
    8) Just because Mumpower wrote a memo, how do we know when it was written since no one else was aware of it? How do we know it is accurate? Do we just take Mumpower’s word when he obviously has a huge ax to grind toward Williams?
    9) Even if everyone is allowed to testify in an ethics hearing, with the TNGOP being so uphappy with Williams, how do we know they will not intimidate the witnesses to back up Mumpower since he is their golden ‘chosen’ boy? And, in light of this, how can they call Williams Judas unless they think Mumpower is Jesus?
    10) I’ve been sexually harassed to the point of being fired for not having sex with my boss. If the memo correctly states Lynn’s comments, she said she only felt as though she may have been harassed. When sexually harassed, there is no question.

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