16 thoughts on “Campfield Makes His Tenents Live in Pooh?

  1. The sad part, Roger, is how the smell of honey, once a pleasant sensation for these kids, is now forever linked to the cruelty of their landlord. Poor kids can’t even have graham crackers without trauma.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha. And what do we call him pumping poop into the watershed? A wetlands redeveloper?! I swear, Campfield is a liberal’s wet dream.

  3. Has Campfield ever sponsored a bill that passed?

    I bet he will be on the Frank’s show today to defend himself. They’ll spin it as the liberal city of Knoxville attacking him.

  4. In the good old days, an old-school Democrat, like Andrew Jackson, or Sam Houston, would have already beaten this curr back across the state line. Or maybe, not, he lists judo as one of his passions.

  5. Jackson favored a pistol. Waggling his limbs in imitation of the guy in the Hai-Karate ad would have availed Campfield naught.

  6. Bridgett,

    So true. Sometimes Jackson liked to carve a brother up with a knife as well. Campfield would have no chance against Old Hickory.

    He might could have taken Sam though, Houston was usually in his cups.

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