Lefties in the Lead!

Before I start my post, let me put forth my usual disclaimer, which is that my part of town sucks.  Oh god, it sucks.  It’s nasty and ugly and the people are mean and there are absolutely no cute children laughing in their back yards where you can see while you’re out raking your leaves.  It’s inconvenient to everything.  The school where I had to vote was staffed by ugly, mean, petty people who kick you once you’re done.  It’s terrible, terrible, terrible.  DO NOT MOVE HERE AND SPOIL IT FOR ME.

Anyway, I went to vote this morning at the grade school right around the corner and it was so awesome.  Everyone was friendly and charming and the little old lady who had me sign the giant book was keeping tabs on how many left-handed people were voting and she told me (as I am a left-hander) that in the hour and a half they’d been opened, three more left-handed people had voted than right handed people.  Which is, she remarked, pretty remarkable when you figure that we make up such a small proportion of the population.

I said it was obvious proof that left-handed people were more civic minded.  She smiled and said, “Now I never said that.”

But it’s obvious.

10 thoughts on “Lefties in the Lead!

  1. the lady at MY polling station ALSO was counting lefties. and i’m fairly sure we’re in different neighborhoods… weird.

    portsiders FTW!

  2. Left-handeds are also over represented in Mensa. Something like 20% of Mensans are lefties. (This is not Southpaw-Pride on my part; I’m manuo-typical).

  3. Megaphonic, I don’t know. Do you live in an awesome and as of yet uncrowded part of town you’re trying to keep others from spoiling with their presence? Do you wake up every morning feeling like you’re in close proximity to a famous boob-freckle?

    If so, we might be neighbors. I moved to my new place in October.

  4. Maybe left-handers have more time for intellectual pursuits because they can’t do all the stuff geared for us righty types.

    I say this because I sat next to two hunters in training class last week. A major topic of conversation between them was that the left hander couldn’t find guns built for him so it just wasn’t as enjoyable.

  5. Hold on. Why is the state training the people who design our bridges to shoot guns? Are times really that hard that engineers need to be able to fend off roving _DOT people from other states?

  6. naw, b… my neighborhood is “the Hood.” it’s crowded, ghetto, and i’m often woken up in the middle of the night by police sirens, gun shots, or just plain hollerin’ in the streets. don’t get me wrong, i actually LIKE this neighborhood for some reason… mostly because my neighbors are pretty right-on types… but it’s not awesome and undiscovered by any stretch of the imagination.

  7. Hmm. Well, maybe the poll workers just decided before-hand to do an informal poll. You know what the craziest part was? When my brother went in to vote, he asked if I had been there yet and the lady said yes and remembered that I was left handed!

    I’m sure stuff will come up that annoys me about here, but right now, I’m still charmed as hell by it.

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