The Butcher Has Some Instructions for You

Vote against the first thing (English-only) but vote for the second.

Because he has no doubt in his abilities to get 1% of the voting population of Nashville to sign on to a bunch of stuff he has in mind for the city–dissolving the jail, legalizing pot, the first of the month all city workers are required to wear pink hats, voting Eric Crafton out of the city, etc.

If you know the Butcher, which you probably do, since he knows everyone, you, like me, harbor no doubts in his ability to do this.

3 thoughts on “The Butcher Has Some Instructions for You

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  2. Crap. I read this too late. Voting yes on the second thing could have made for some awesome possibilities. Thanks to you and the Butcher for making me smile at the thought of little pink hats for you and me. :)

  3. Don’t tell the Butcher but I voted against it. I didn’t want him coming up with a “Everyone throws rocks at my sister” day and getting it passed.

    I had to vote in my own self interest.

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