The Joiners

Okay, folks, I am going to shamelessly plug The Joiners, not because I like to pretend I’m a “The Joiners” impersonator, though that also brings me great joy, but because ages ago I got their album “Olives and Oil” and I stuck it on my iTunes here at work and promptly forgot about it.  Friends, I didn’t even bother to do it the courtesy of listening to it all the way through once.

In fact, I was only passing myself off as a “The Joiners” impersonator because I love Cabbage Babble’s lunchtime lists.

But this morning I was listening to iTunes and three times–THREE TIMES–a song came on and I said, “Who the fuck is this?  This song is great!  I needed to hear a song about chickens/jobs/kisses and didn’t even know it.” and every time it was The Joiners.

5 thoughts on “The Joiners

  1. Wow! Thanks for the plug and we’re glad you like the music! If your readers want to leave a comment on the joinerhouse page, I will send them a link to download the record without having to pay. Thanks Again!

  2. Holy shit! Wow. That’s very cool. And, if they do, we can organize a cross-blog sing-along to “Chicken”! Which would, I believe, be the first cross-blog sing-along in the history of Nashville.

    So, get on it folks!

  3. I love the Joiners so much. Some of the songs are sad, but in such a beautiful, melancholy way that even their sadness makes me happy. More Joiners for everyone! Spread the word!

  4. I love Cabbage Babble and have to get a life and see The Joiners live sometime soon. I think I downloaded their music for free the other day but iTunes is being problematic and, well, I haven’t listened yet.

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