Lynn Comes so Close

Representative Lynn says

It is very difficult for me to understand why if a woman requests to be treated professionally, and needs assistance to make that happen, she is later condemned as though she was the perpetrator.

Hmm.  Yes.  Why is that?  What would be the cause and the mechanism that would a.) make a man think that he didn’t have to treat his female colleague professionally? b.) make a woman feel like she couldn’t get the man to take seriously her objections to his treatment of her without a more powerful man to back her up? and c.) then later make her feel as if she is to blame for the man’s poor behavior towards her?  What would that be called?

And why has there been no massive, centuries-long struggle to fix it?

I just don’t know.

Maybe it would have some clever name that would let you know it was about helping a girl.  Girly-ism?  Female-ism?  Lady-ism?  Dame-ism?

Something along those lines.

And there could be, in this “dame-ist” movement, this idea that a woman should have control over what happens to her body and that it shouldn’t be up to (other) legislators to decide what happens to her.

Well, maybe some day.

7 thoughts on “Lynn Comes so Close

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  2. Yo, how can you compare what happend to Lynn to killing millions of babies…sick.

    Maybe the answer to a., b., and c. is his consumption of ALCOHOL.

  3. Yo, dude. I know! It’s like, if only those bitchez would not mind sometimes when we tried to tell them what to do without giving a shit about what they wanted to do but mind other times.

    And, yo, so you’re saying that Williams was drinking the second time?

  4. Someone forget to tell the good ole’ boys in Tennessee that we are living in the 21st century.

    We don’t have to wonder why no woman has ever been elected (appointed) to one of the constitutional offices, nor to a state senate position, nor to the governor’s office? We’re about 50 years behind most of the others states. Misogny and sexism are alive and well here in this pitiful state.

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  6. So you can’t be feminist AND conservative?

    Maybe some womyns’ idea of feminism is to lead by example, ya know, like being a state representative.


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