Oh, I forgot to tell you the most exciting news going on in my life right now–the Shill is, as we speak, attempting to have a baby.

Um, I mean, the baby is already made and just needs to come out.  I love that woman and have known her my whole adult life and we’re close, but not so close that I get called mid-fucking.

At least, not that I know about…

We’re all recommending names and her sister-in-law and other friend are pushing for their name, “Tracy” which I think works well for either a boy or a girl.  Though, if it’s a boy, I’m hoping for more along the Trace Adkins axis and not the Tracy Lawrence.

5 thoughts on “Shillings

  1. I’m a Tracy (female) with close friends and family often shortening my name to Trace. If they go with Tracy, they should go without the “e”. :-)

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