The Rest of the Day

Here are a bunch of other pictures I took today, most of them of the bulbs that are sprouting all over the yard.  One of them of a dog’s butt, which, when you own a dog, you spend a lot of time looking at, and one of the Butcher refusing to let the dog pet him, and a few of the chair that broke.

Kate’s Yard

I swung by Kate‘s house this afternoon because there are some really nice things going on in her front yard and I wanted to have some time to really look at them instead of just seeing them when I walk by.  My two favorite things going on in her yard are that there are nicely placed non-plant elements–rocks and such that seem like small purposeful sculptures–and her decorative cabbage, which, when you put your camera on the ground, looks like it’s dancing across the yard (the cabbage, not the camera).

The Mysterious Thing in My Yard

I have a mysterious thing in my yard, in the bed next to the garage.  I would be delighted if you could help me figure out what it is.  From the pictures, I think it’s obvious that it used to be larger than it is and that it got cut way back.  But it doesn’t stink or give me a rash and it seems to be coming back, so I’m kind of content to let it see what it can do with that spot.

The 50 cent Rosemary

Y’all may remember that I paid 50 cents for the rosemary that doubled as our Christmas tree.  And then I was attempting to keep it alive until it could be transplanted into my as-of-yet non-existant herb garden but it was strangely dying on me.

Well, I have grown rosemary in-doors before and always kept it only slightly damp and that seemed to keep it quite happy.  “Don’t overwater your rosemary,” they say.

But I was desperate.  So, I have been overwatering my rosemary.

And I’ll be damned if that fucker doesn’t seem like it’s coming back.

Anyway, I have a strange plant here at the house and I’ll post pictures of it later so y’all can tell me what it is.