A Shawl

Do people wear shawls any more?  I don’t know.  But I’m making one for Mag and I’m so excited about it.  Plus, I figure, if anyone could pull it off, it’s her.

12 thoughts on “A Shawl

  1. People wear those pashmina wraps, which are essentially shawls. So I say yes! Although a lot of people wear them as scarves.

    But those people just need to be reminded of the awesomeness of shawls.

  2. I wear shawls. They are a nice soft extra layer on a cool evening or when the house feels a little drafty.

  3. I dunno if people wear them but you can sure buy them cheap here in New York right now … cashmere, pashmina, etc. On every street corner …. in all sorts of colors …

  4. I would wear shawls and pashminas more often if I could figure out how to keep them from sliding off my shoulders in a fashion that defies the purposes of shawls, which are (a) warmth and (b) elegance.
    So if you can figure out how to make that happen, I say make Mag a shawl and then sell your secret.

  5. Shawl pins or sticks (if the knit is looser) work wonders. Just Google and you’ll find both vendors who sell new ones and pictures so that you can probably repurpose something already in your possession. I found my favorite pin at a Goodwill fifteen or twenty years ago.

  6. Yes, that’s best, but if the shawl is very large, tying it loosely around itself often looks oh so lovely as well.

  7. Well, I am loving this shawl. I’m making it from yarn Mag’s grandma had and it’s kind of got this new old-fashioned feeling to it. The thing I like best about it is that I think she could totally wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or a dress and find it equally fitting.

  8. I wear shawls quite often: as a wrap, or an additional layer when a little more is needed. A shawl will warm my shoulders in a cold office, or fill out the neck of a coat in a way that a scarf does not. My mother wears hers to read in bed. I must admit to a knitter’s bias in favor of shawls – I love to knit them, so I must put them to use or waste all the time it takes to produce them.

  9. Eeee! I am just so excited.

    I do, in fact, wear shawls. Okay, a shawl, because I only really own the one, and it was a present from a coworker, but it makes sitting down in a cold classroom soooo much nicer!

    *dances with joy*

    Of course, I also half feel like I just found the presents in the closet! There’s stuff! Being made for me! Ohmygoodness!

    Also, I should totally send you more yarn to make things with. Heck, they don’t even have to be for me, I just want to see that old yarn getting used.

  10. I really like this pattern and somehow it’s turning out in this way that is entirely old fashioned and yet every time I pick it up I want to wrap it around myself. I’m really enjoying working on it.

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