In Other Republican News

Remember how there was a guy who thought that sending everyone “Barack the Magic Negro” would convince them that he was right for the job of RNC chair and the whole nation laughed and said “What?!” except for the few folks who sulked and said “What?”  You may recall that for no other reason than because of the massive sigh of relief the Democrats exhaled because we know that church-going African Americans tend to be conservative and there are a whole lot of church-going African Americans and some day, if the Republicans ever, ever get their heads out of their asses about race, Democrats will not be able to count on the Black vote.  In fact, when that day comes, there won’t be any such thing as “The Black Vote” anymore because conservatives will vote with the Republicans and liberals will vote with the Democrats.

That day would have been put off by the RNC turning itself over to Saltsman.

I thought that was obvious to everyone.

But then Robin Smith went and threw her vote behind the guy who got into politics because the government forced desegregation on him.

So, maybe not.

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