Well, Beaman Toyota, You Have Lost My Business

1.  Lee Beaman gives $2,000 towards Prop 8.

2.  Lee Beaman gives $6,000 towards English Only.

Man has a right to spend his money how he wants.  I have a right to spend mine how I want.

5 thoughts on “Well, Beaman Toyota, You Have Lost My Business

  1. Did you see that Legend’s Corner also donated money for this? I’ll be sure to take my drinkin’ dimes somewhere else!!!

  2. I never did drink at Legends, but I bought my car from Beaman and am supposed to be taking it back there for service. Well, screw that. I’ll take it elsewhere when it has issues, should they emerge.

  3. I’ve been boycotting Beaman Toyota since I learned 4 years ago that Lee Beaman gave a few thousand dollars to the Swift Boat Veterans For Spreading Lies About John Kerry’s War Service. Since then I’ve learned he has given money to a 527 set up to Swift Boat HIllary Clinton. And he’s a major donor to the Club For Growth, a major wingnut group promoting privatizing Social Security and viciously attacking even fellow Republicans who were opposed. There really is not a wingnut smear campaign that Beaman won’t support.

    So I was proud to buy my last car from Alexander Toyota. And no, I will not purchase so much as an oil change, windshield wiper or new air filter from Beaman. Ever.

  4. If you really want to do something you can be proud of buy an American car instead of a Toyota. Yes, I know that they now build some Toyotas here but they are still a Japanese based company and all of our hard earned American dollars are being sent over there. They only decided to build them here to save money because the tariffs and shipping costs from Japan were so high. Don’t be fooled into believing that they decided to build cars here to provide Americans with jobs…it was all about the money. It’s pathetic that so many people don’t see the harm they are doing by buying those mediocre cars that for some strange reason everyone thinks are so great.

  5. This is a letter I sent to Toyota today about BEAMAN TOYTOA.
    We are very disappointed that Toyota, USA has allowed it’s large Dealerships to add an additional $5000.00 to the already High sale price of you vehicles.
    We were informed Saturday April 30,2011, that due to the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan that the Toyota Dealerships in Tennessee have to charge customers an additional $5000.00 dollar to the price of a New Toyota vehicle. This information comes from The Largest Toyota New Inventory Dealership in Middle Tennessee, BEAMAN TOYOTA CO, 1525 BROADWAY, NASHVILLE,TN 37203
    We were ready to buy, and was hit with a bombshell about the additional $5000.00 that BEAMAN TOYTOA was going to charge us. We did not buy, nor I don’t think we will buy a Toyota because of the addional $5000.00 profit being made off the Vehicles. Profits off of the sorrow and Deaths of Human Beings Shows how the USA has allowed the larger companies to profit off the dead and dying and misfortunes of disasters. SHAME ON YOU BEAMAN TOYTOA of NASHVILLE, TESSESSEE.

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