In Which Our Hero Again Raises One Eyebrow

At this:

During the apology, the legislator tried once more to assure me of the sincerity of his remarks. This upset me and I expressed to Leader Mumpower that this was not really an apology. Leader Mumpower stated to the freshman legislator than this was upsetting me and that he should stop repeating his sincerity over his original ‘offer.’

There comes a time when a girl doesn’t even have to blog it.  She can just raise her eyebrow, catch your eye, and you both can nod, and we can both feel pretty damn sure that you’re thinking what I’m thinking.


Those Emotional Hurricanes

Today was a little crazy.  We had some work drama in the morning that concerned me but wasn’t directed at me and then in the afternoon, we learned how close we all came to not getting paid in September, and then got a semi-reassuring email about how our workplace was going to stay afloat, hopefully with all of us above water.

That afternoon drama made me want to go to the purveryors of the morning drama and ask them… I don’t know exactly.  The two aren’t related.  But they’re related for me because the happened on the same day to and around me.

The Butcher is at a job interview as we speak.

I thought that we could make it just fine on my income, so I was not stressed about him not having a job.  And we can make it on my income, assuming that my income continues to, you know, come in.  But we, like most people, have no cushion.  I have $75 dollars in a savings account.

Everyone I talked to this afternoon is in the same boat.  People who have good jobs but just haven’t been able to get it together as quickly or as easily as they thought they would.  People who expected to be able to retire next year who now aren’t sure if they’ll be able to retire at all.  And none of us trust that the people who are guiding the boat, so to speak, really get the fear we have.

Maybe it’s not fair, but it’s hard for me to believe that, if you’re pulling down what our congresspeople are pulling down, that you get how those of us who maybe even still have jobs, feel like we’re riding the edge of disaster.

I don’t know.  I just know that I’m scared.  I’m scared for the Butcher, whose gone out every day for three months looking for a job and this is his first interview.  I’m scared for me, should I have to find something else.  I’m scared for the people who are struggling to find something else.

Robin Smith Loves the Thugs, Apparently

I swear, who needs soap operas when you have the GOP?  You’ll remember, when last we visited, Robin Smith had decided not to endorse Chip “I love parodies about Negros” Saltsman for chair of the national party and had instead thrown her weight behind Katon “I got into politics because the government made me go to school with black kids and I hated it” Dawson.

Now, he was already a more interesting character because he had a narrative–the librul government butted into his life, forced him to go to school with black kids, and one of them beat him up.  Oh, the tragedy!  Oh the humanity!  I mean, he was running around telling college kids this tale of woe, about the evils of the government stepping in and causing folks to get beat up, like that really meant something.

So, really, I have to ask you, is it any ANY surprise to learn that Dawsom seems to have, in his government-role, stepped in and caused someone to get beat up and run out of state?

Via Pam’s Blend, we learn of the rumors of said incident:

After divulging the nature of the incriminating material, the blackmailer is said to have requested $200,000 dollars to furnish all copies of the material in their possession to Dawson.

According to our sources, after viewing a sample of the material and receiving the extortion demand, Dawson reportedly told the blackmailer to give him twenty-four hours to come up with the money.

The next day, the blackmailer is said to have returned to Dawson’s home, only they didn’t receive the money – but were instead taken away and given a savage beating by three SLED [S.C. State Law Enforcement Division] agents.

Well, well, well.  One wonders if it gives any Republicans pause to learn that Dawson thinks he’s above the law–that he doesn’t have to report an extortion attempt, that he can direct law enforcement agents to unlawfully administer beatings to people.

But who knows?  Maybe the national GOP has a whole lot of people who know a whole lot of their secrets and maybe it’s a plus for the Chair to be willing to abuse his power in order to keep that stuff from coming out?