You Don’t Often See Headlines Like That

Over at The Flypaper Theory, Jeff points us to the story of a girl taken over by God during school in December.

My favorite parts are the headlines.  On the article itself

Was High School Girl Possessed In Class?

Girl Spoke In Tongues, Made Predictions For Future

and on the video

Was Student Possessed By God, Satan?

Because clearly she was possessed, so now it’s up to the hard-hitting news team to figure out by whom!  I would love to read the follow-up on that story.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Often See Headlines Like That

  1. Well, Mr. Reporter, because obviously if Eleanor Roosevelt were going to possess anyone, it would be me.


    And why isn’t WKRN out doing some investigative reporting into which, if any, of our local teenagers might be being possessed? Hmm?

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