Daron “Smoochy” Hall

You know how it is.  You’re a loveable children’s character (or the sheriff of a major metropolitan city, in which you grew up) and you’re invited to speak some place and you don’t bother to check the group out and the next thing you know, you’re performing in front of neo-Nazis, or in Hall’s case, the Council of Conservative Citizens.  Really, it could happen to anyone.

This is my favorite part:

Hall says he didn’t know anything about the group’s views and figured it was one of many local organizations that request him as a guest speaker to hear about the immigration enforcement program.

“To be honest, I had no idea,” Hall said. “The person doing the scheduling for me had no reason to believe that this was such a group. I regret that we didn’t know. I surely don’t want that reputation.”

Lest we forget, this is the man under whose watch a pregnant woman was shackled during her delivery.  The thing is 287(g) program was most in the news last year for was his department’s shackling of a birthing woman.  Who did he think would want him to come speak to them after that?

Not the good guys, Sheriff Hall.  Not the good guys.


On a side note, I can actually understand how this would happen.  The Council of Conservative Citizens doesn’t have a name that screams “we hate race mixing.”  But once he got there, how did he not know?

9 thoughts on “Daron “Smoochy” Hall

  1. Also, I must say how it cracks me up that he doesn’t mind having a reputation for terrorizing brown people. But he is bothered that he might have a reputation for hanging out with other people who terrorize brown people. I mean, just who does he think are his enthusiastic supporters over this nonsense?

    I mean, if you’re doing some racist bullshit, can you really be surprised that racists want to hear all about it?

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  3. While it may not scream it, “The Council of Conservative Citizens” is exactly the kind of Orwellian, touchy-feely name that I would expect a hate group to give itself. People who don’t have the balls to own up to what they are (and that’s most of them) wouldn’t join The League of Needle-Dick Racist Assholes.

  4. Yeah, I can here now the ballad of the man who leaves the CCC to join the League of Needle-Dick Racist Assholes–“(Lying Here with) LNDRA on My Mind..”

    “She said, ‘I’ve been racist for a long time
    But you march with some friends of mine.
    And I’ve tried hard to never let my racism show.
    But my hate for Mexicans is stronger,
    I can’t hide it any longer.
    So, I thought I should just let you know.’

    “Now I’m lying here with LNDRA on my mind!
    And next to me is the CCC, the one I’m leaving behind.
    And Lord it’s killing me to see them crying.
    They know I’m lying here with LNDRA on my mind.”

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