Welcome, New Convention Center!

I swear, I once read in the New York Times them calling Nashville the Home for Wayward Architecture and yet, when I google it, the only result is me making that claim.  Nothing from the Times itself.  Did I imagine it?  Could I have coined a phrase so awesomely fitting of our great city and somehow forgotten and, upon remembering the phrase, attributed it to the Times because I didn’t believe in my own awesomeness?

I have no answers.

I do, however, courtesy of The Nashvillest, have another piece of architecture destined for the Home.

America, behold the new convention center!  Marvel at the way it resembles some fake-grass contraption you’d put on the floor for your cat to scratch on!  Wonder if that’s real grass on top of it!  Ponder, like me, if incorporating elements from other buildings around down is cool or Frankensteinish!

I don’t know.  I just kind of look at that and go “Huh?”  Which, I guess is better than looking at it and going “Yuck.”  If they send word that we’ll be allowed to sled on the roof whenever we get snow, I will immediately revise my opinion for the better.

Edited to add: Courtesy of Tiny Pasture, here are some bigger, better images.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, New Convention Center!

  1. Looks like they took ugly lessons from my hometown’s convention center. Check it out! All different colors, and ziggedy zaggedy all over the street.

    Subtitle of that one–“I went back to Ohio, but my city was gone.” :)

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