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  1. I forgot about Barbara Mandrell. But I remember that when the Lewis sisters were growing up, we always thought we were mirrored in the Mandrell sisters, even in the way we looked. The oldest and youngest had lighter hair and the middle was a brunette, like Becca. And we liked to sing. I think that’s where the similarities ended, but, you know, things were simpler then.

  2. I can’t really argue any of the choices, although with Mandrell you could argue it was because her peak was so high versus accomplishments over an extended period.

    We have these discussions about the Baseball Hall of Fame all the time.

  3. I was sitting around a restaurant in the Madison area having a late lunch with a bunch of political types. Somehow, the topic of the Mandrell sisters came up — I think we were explaining them to a Yank who didn’t know. One man at the table made reference to the sisters, and how the youngest Irlene was the least talented of the bunch.

    I did mention that the Mandrells owned a home not too far from where my folks lived north of Nashville.

    So, who came walking by just as everyone was laughing about how talentless the youngest Mandrell was?


  4. I’m not thrilled by any of the choices. Not bummed, either, exactly, but Mandrell and Clark had television careers that peaked at a time when I had no television, so I never learned to care about them.

  5. The middle Mandrell had some Xmas hootenanny out at Opryland a few months ago.

    The picture used in the ad looked nothing like her. Either her plastic surgeon is from the future or the Korean kid with photoshop is a fucking genius.

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