I am of many minds about this.  Here they are.

1.  I think it’s a fantastic idea for liberal Tennessee bloggers to throw our weight around a little and see what comes of it.  No, a thousand dollars doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but when you consider that the TNDP has, maybe, $20,000 to its name right now, we’re now talking 5%, which is nothing to sneeze at.  So, hey, if you’ve got a little money, throw it that way.

2.  But the more I think about it, the more pissed off I am at the TNDP.  I think the TNGOP are a bunch of ignorant vaguely corrupt full of themselves blowhards, but who has been at the center of almost ever single political shenanigan in the ten years I’ve lived here?  And I have yet to hear anyone talking about what the Democrats are going to do to change their ways.  And I am not over the “Obama cost us the election” nonsense that serves to protect them from any self-reflection.  I don’t support that nonsense.

3.  And then there’s this.

Party veterans are snorting at the naiveté. It’s like something out of a Disney movie, they say. When you wish upon a star … As one of our many anonymous insider sources observes, “These kids just don’t get it. They actually think all they have to do is turn on their computer and the money will start flooding in. If you’re Barack Obama or Howard Dean, you can raise money online. If you’re Andy Berke or Kim McMillan, you can’t. They’re going to find that out.”

And I think now you see why, even though I most certainly don’t support the Democrats, I’m encouraging you to give money to them, through the internet, unsolicited, even if you only have $5 to give, because we need to scare the shit out of guys like that.  Because the only way the Tennessee Democratic party is ever going to get its act together is if they are afraid of losing donors.  So, some new folks need to step up and be donors that they’re afraid of losing.

Edited to add: Oooo.  See R. Neal.

13 thoughts on “Support

  1. Well, I’ll take the ‘vaguely corrupt’ Republicans over ‘the most definitely corrupt and keep getting caught doing it’ Democrats in our state.

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  3. You whined and bitched and moaned for the Democratric Party to link you, then you turn around and do what you do best;stab them in the back.

    I know this is a revelation to you, but not everything is about you, and you never participate in events with other progressives unless your the center of atttention, so you take your toys and huff and puff and go away. Finally, however, you’ve done yourself in and people are getting hip to who you really are and what you’re about, and it never has to do with helping others and in fact, hurting them when you can if they don’t worship of the feet of the almighty Aunt “I haven’t a clue about politics but I wax eloquently and get make people think I know what I’m talking about” B.

    With team players like you, who needs Republicans?

    Don’t worry, Nina and Sue H. and others will be along shortly to tell you how wonderful you are, but outside your little karma sutra, we all know better.

  4. “Roberta”–you know I can check IPs right? In the future, if you’d like to insult me, you might as well use your real name. You’re not fooling anyone.

    The next time, when you’re sitting around wondering why I avoid you, just think on this little moment.

    And I gave money to this, so suck my butt.

  5. And “Roberta”…those of us who have edited for a living recognize a writing style, especially one with distinctive characteristics such as yours, with or without an IP to help. Be aggressive if you must, but have the courage to own what you say.

  6. Only if we assume the remarks to be true. Otherwise, I guess it would be more in the area of hotzaat diba or motzi shem ra– spreading unhelpful rumor, disinformation, or outright lies, and obviously an even more severe offense.
    Whatever Torah scholars call it , I think we can agree that it’s uncool at the very least.

  7. Ya know, my internet at work today was out. So I’m just now seeing this, and maybe B went back and edited out something I haven’t seen, but I fail to see how “I’m really pissed off at the TN Democrats for being all antiprogressive, so let’s support TN Democratic progressives by donating money to show that they, unlike all the old antprogressives, have some clout and support and can organize effectively” is exactly a stab in the back. Did I miss something?

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