Shaking My Head

So, the independent progressive Tennessee blogospheric fundraising efforts continue.  As you remember, the goal was to raise $1,000 by Friday.  Those funds were raised by the end of lunch on Wednesday.  Now, the goal is to raise $3,000 from 100 people by Friday.  The little thermometer sits at 70 contributors who gave $2,724.

The nay-sayers have been, of course, nay-saying.  “It’s not very much money, actually.”  “That’ll just go to paying salaries.”  “Why didn’t you do this sooner?”  “It isn’t going to matter.”  “It’s not going to make a difference.”  Blah blah blah.  You can check it out over at Sean’s if you want to.

And yet, the TNGOP just rolled out their new website today.  All full of “Coming soon”s and “Under construction”s.  Hmm.  Makes you wonder why they’d feel any pressure to roll the website out before it’s ready, if a bunch of folks sitting around on their computers raising not-very-much-money isn’t that big a deal.

But here’s the point, and I just want to make it clear.  No one is giving money to the Democrats because we’re so impressed and delighted with the way things have been done.  I have no opinion on Chip Forrester one way or another.  I’m not asking you to sit through another post about this because of any great admiration I have for him.  No one is giving money to the Democrats as a reward.

We are, in fact, upset with the Democrats.  Some of us are frustrated that the Dems seem to have forgotten that there’s a rural Tennessee.  Some of us are frustrated that folks are more concerned about making sure that they look close enough to Republican to not have to make things too uncomfortable.  Some of us are frustrated that every time we try to bring up people making some efforts to behave themselves we’re met with squawks of “But Obama cost us the election!”  Heck. some of us are dying of embarrassment that there are Democrats who don’t yet see the usefulness of email.

We all waited to see if things would straighten themselves out.  But they have not.

And, since many of the Democrats in power don’t see a problem with the way things are now, progressives who do have to find a way to get those Democrats to take us seriously.  This is part of our efforts to get them to take us seriously.

I hope that message isn’t lost.

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