That Sound You Hear is the the Death-Gasp of Scholarly Journals

For you academics, from Google.

We intend for the peer-review web to do for scientific publishing what the world wide web has done for media publishing. As it becomes increasingly practical to evaluate researchers based on the reviews of their peers, the need for centralized big-name journals begins to diminish. The power is returned to those most qualified to give meaningful reviews: the peers. As long as big journals provide a useful service, this tool will only enhance their effectiveness. But the more they take months to review our publications, and the more they give unqualified reviews, and the more they force us to clear irrelevant hurdles prior to publication, and the more they lock up our works behind fees and copyright transfers, the more this tool will provide an alternative to their services. [emphasis mine]

What do you even say in the face of that?

My feelings are mixed.  I wonder if it’s wrong that my first inclination was to cheer?

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