Flowering Flowers of Flowerdom

Burpee is the Devil.  They send me an email and I dutifully begin to put things on my wishlist, which, so far, consists of peppers that range in color from white to purple, a mix of hot peppers, string beans, blackeyed peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, snow peas, pumpkins, tomatoes, catnip, coriander, basil, oregeno, sage, rosemary, thyme, sweet marjoram and the flowers… oh the flowers I would buy if wishes were horses and beggars would ride.

Morning glories, foxgloves for the bed shaded by the holly tree, lavender, French marigolds, blue-eyed daisies, painted daisies, old-fashioned dahlias, hollyhocks, galliardia, rudbeckia, multi-colored echinacea.

I want my yard to look like a cottage garden puked confetti on my lawn.  Right now, though.  I kind of want it to look like that right now.  It’s only the 6th of February, but already this winter seems eighty years long.  I will now pay for something to bloom in my yard.

26 thoughts on “Flowering Flowers of Flowerdom

  1. If I can’t report that my bluebirds are exceptionally ornery, I don’t know that I want to report them at all!


    Anyway, does anyone remember that NPR story where they were talking about efforts to bring back biodiversity to apples? I thought it might be fun to grow some rare apple just for kicks, but I don’t know where to begin to find them.

  2. So are you ready to learn about seed starting and propagation yet? Most garden seeds will need to start by the end of February in the house. I waited too late last year but I had tomatoes until frost too.

    Mark it on your calendar!!!!No garden planting until after the last frost date of April 15th. Preparation, tilling and mulching yes, planting no. Just don’t do it.

    also http://www.chileplants.com to just buy the whole darn plant.

  3. Oh, If you need to plant now, plant Parsley and Poppies. They need their seeds to sit in cold ground for best germination.

    I underplant Buddleia(butterfly bushes) with parsley and fennel for the monarch butterfly caterpillars to munch on.

  4. Hurray! I wish you (or someone) had a garden blog where it would just lay out for a whole year what I should be doing and when I should be doing it.

  5. Well, you can plant before April 15 if you’re willing and able to cover your plants up well (say with milk carton tops) if there’s a frost afterwards. And you can plant some veggies sooner than that.

    As for whether you should get seeds now, do you want to grow your own transplants, or to you want to buy transplants to put into your garden?

  6. you can cover them with blankets and old sheets and plastic flower pots as well.

    Potatoes may be planted by St. Patrick’s day (but not sweet potates, which need to wait until the ground is warm). As long as you listen to the weather and are willing to drag covers out there, you can plant earlier than mid-April, but you have to be willing to replant tomatoes and peppers and such.

  7. Beth, what do you have? What can I trade you for them? I’ll take you to lunch! Would that be fair?

    The Dog, if I were the queen of the universe, I would decree that NM, Saraclark, and Beth start a gardening blog for Middle Tennessee, that would give us pointers on what we should be doing and things to consider.

    Saraclark just sent me this awesome email all about things going on in my yard and the relative merits of starting some things from seed now and buying others already started later and taking a look around the yard now seeing what bums me out so that I can plant to have winter color next year.

    And I’m all “Wow, this is awesome!” But why should I be the only one who benefits?

    On the other hand, yes, it is a ton of work, so I understand. Still, you’d think some local nursery would pay someone to do something like that.

  8. I tried to start a gardening e-mail list, and only two people signed up for it.

    But I do think that we should all get together, bring our gardening/seed catalogs and our list of stuff we have to trade or give away, and make plans.

  9. nm, even that is too advanced for me at this point – I don’t have stuff to trade or give away, but I desperately need someone to help me figure out what to plant and when and how and to demystify the remedying of the soil and tell me how often I actually need to water and so on. I need Saraclark to look around my yard and say, “you know, that spot looks just right for x.” I need Middle Tennessee Gardening Boot Camp.

  10. Lunch is always fair. Sushi lunches are my favorite by far and will secure you in my free seed goodwill ;-) Email me this week and we’ll work something out re: scheduling.

  11. oh, & thanks for the kind words, but I’m not any sort of expert. It’s all voodoo. I plant it, water it, love it, and if it dies – it dies…

  12. Rachel, you have plans, don’t you? I know you want to grow tomatoes — that’s a plan. I think that qualifies you.

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