What is the Difference Between Blackberries and Raspberries?

When I was growing up, my absolute favorite cousin was my cousin M., who was two years older than me and a dancer, and lived down the street from a little market with bottled Coke and a McDonalds.  And she had tons of Barbies and a cool basement and a Barbie pool where we would play “Adam and Eve Barbie” and she would show me with the dolls what she’d seen on her mom’s soap operas.  Which just goes to show you that even the Bible gives kids ideas.  Bad ideas.  And helps us learn about lesbianism, because who the hell ever had more than one Ken doll?

So, you can see, the Bible taught me all about hot girl on girl action!  And yet, Republicans encourage that be taught in schools.

Where was I?

Oh, yes, so behind M.’s house were some woods in which a hobo lived and we would always sneak off into the woods to see if we could see the hobo in his shack.  At least until my mom discovered that my aunt was letting us do this.

I don’t know.  Now that I think about it, the whole thing was weird.  For a couple of summers, my parents let me go spend a week up and my grandma and grandpa’s. Which, in retrospective, must have been terrifying for my dad.  I mean, looking back at it, it must have been, because it only happened twice and both times they ended up coming to get me early, even though I was having a good time.

It’s not something I’ll understand.  We were fucked up in a different way as a family, but I do wonder about it.

Anyway, so, after we were not allowed to tromping around in the woods and after my visits to Michigan were family affairs, we were still sent out to the edge of the yard, a little ways into the woods, to pick blackberries and raspberries, where they were growing wild.  I remember there being a ton of blackberries and only a few raspberries, so, instead of making blackberry jam and raspberry jam, Mom and my aunt just threw them all in together.

From that point on, I guess I just thought they were the same thing.

Anyway, it’s one of those feelings that I still remember so clearly, the scratchiness and the juice all over our hands.  If we cleaned up along the back fence, we could put berries there…

6 thoughts on “What is the Difference Between Blackberries and Raspberries?

  1. To make it even more confusing, I’ve always understood “Black Raspberries” to be something different than “Blackberries”

    Wikipedia thinks they’re all different species in the same genus.

  2. Give me a blackberry over a raspberry any day, especially wild ones.
    And what’s with all these “blue” raspberries flavors that have been foisted onto the palates of children? Just because there are already a bunch of other red flavors, you have to add a different dye. Strange.

  3. I’m a much bigger fan of blackberries than raspberries. We have both growing wild on our property but the raspberries are easier to get to. Each year we harvest whatever we can get though, if we can beat the deer to them.

  4. We had both at the last house for years but blackberries will grow anywhere around here with the slightest inducement, ergo, (i love the opportunity to use ergo.) raspberries are more exotic.

    To me, blackberries are more memorable for their seeds than their flavor, while raspberries are more flavor than seed. Raspberries, when ripe, will almost fall apart into little red balls of fruit, Blackberries hold their shape. I’ve got to get raspberries planted here. We’ve got blackberries along the fence.

    Thornless blackberries are wonderful.

  5. We always had blackberries as a kid, and my mom still makes blackberry jelly every year! And, as if that weren’t quaint enough, the blackberry bramble is warren to a couple dozen ADORABLE fluffy-tailed bunny rabbits, so my daughter gets a kick watching the little wild bunnies hop all over the yard. I dunno how they’re any different than the little domestic poop-machine that sleeps with her every night, but somehow wild bunnies are more intriguing.

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