Government Workers Stimulate My Economy

So, I’m at the post office on Church Street and I go up to the counter and I ask for 40 postcard stamps.

“Oooo.  Fruit, that’s nice.”

“Yeah, and the coolest part is that, when you lick the back, they taste like the fruit they are.”


And then, a slight grin teases the corner of his mouth and he slowly and so beautifully winks at me.

I’m still giggling.

5 thoughts on “Government Workers Stimulate My Economy

  1. That’s awesome. I love the post office. I prefer USPS service to other deliverers (well, except they’re uniforms are as nice). I know that’s weird, but I’ve almost always had good experiences at the offices: nice helpful people who are easy to interact with but don’t slow you down with too much unnecessary friendliness. Except at the one on Church. There I’ve never had a good experience. Only stern people who don’t help. I’m glad to hear someone good is there. Maybe I’ll go back and hope to get that clerk.

    Were they even lick-able stamps or peel & stick? Although I’d have probably fell for it too for a few seconds.

  2. I don’t even think they make lickable stamps anymore. But the best part, for me, anyway, is that most of the fruit looks vaguely cooterial. Who knew the post office was so sexy?

  3. I love these stamps for that reason. My Other and I are in the habit of sending each other “anonymous” postcards with various degrees of sentimentality or sensuality expressed on them. Imagine how delighted I was to send a “We have our pussies under control” postcard (vintage photo of two spinsterish women who do indeed seem to have their pet cats firmly leashed) with that saucy papaya stamp on it.

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