4 thoughts on “It’s the Nipples that Do Me In

  1. It’s cute! Can’t you just save it and custom order it from one of those Screen Printing T-Shirt websites. There are tons of them

  2. Ohhhhhh!!!! This makes me miss my bully-dog! I WANT one of these!!!

    (And, for the record, my ex moved to a place he can have a dog, so he asked for our Insane Houdini back. And, given that IH and the Hellhound did not EVER get along, to the point of blood, and the Hellhound belongs to a nearly-10year-old boy and so couldn’t be sent away, I figured it was best for all involved for IH to go back to “daddy.” He’s happy and well-cared-for. But I still miss his noisy snoring…)

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