How soon? How soon?

So, I guess the crocuses I planted were a bust, or something ate them, or something.  No sign of them at all.  But the daffodils are all over the yard and the flower beds and they are all up and all about a pinky finger tall and how soon until they bloom?  How soon?!

6 thoughts on “How soon? How soon?

  1. Dont’ give up hope yet! While technically crocuses are supposed to come up first, I tend to get a wave of daffodils first.

  2. First the daffodills have to finish putting up their stalks, then they have to bud, then they bloom. Mine usually bloom very early (end of January or first week in Feb.) but they’re still in the finish putting up stalks stage. So you’ll need another week or two of warmer (like today) weather before you get blooms, I predict.

  3. Crocuses can be hard to find if you did the naturalizing thing – their foliage looks a LOT like grass (well, at least to me) and the main way I find them is by seeing the clumps of green ‘grass’ in our brown yard. Then again, I live in MO, and your yard might be much greener in TN. Just my two cents – oh…and you must post pictures!

  4. You probably planted the early daffs and the late crocus. Give them time, they’ll make you smile. We wont be seeing anything but snowdrops and primula around here for another month.

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