I’d Rather Not Go Blind

For the past three nights, I’ve had this dream that I have to go to the Nashville Knucklehead’s house and make him and his daughter dinner so that we can then go to a strip club he wants me to invest in.  And, frankly, it’s the kind of strip club I would invest in, like the club from Idlewild but with buck-nakedness and sex.  Especially if I had my own private box, which, in my dream, I seem to.  Though where I’m getting the money to invest in this club, I’m not sure.

But here’s the thing about the dream.  Every time I dream it, I’m driving on my way to go make dinner and I go blind, while driving, and my brakes don’t work.  I can go slowly, but I must go forward and I cannot see anything but blinding whiteness.

And yet, I still get to the house okay.

But it’s so real that when I got in the car this morning to come to work, I had this moment of panic when I was sure that my brakes didn’t work, even though, they clearly did.

2 thoughts on “I’d Rather Not Go Blind

  1. I’ve been having some weird dreams lately too. Last week I dreamed my hairdresser had Tony Bennett as a guest hairdresser. And he charged me $286 and botched my hair. Didn’t even give me my money back. And the odder thing about this is the next day, I ran into the guy who used to work at her salon. His name: Tony. I still haven’t figured out where the $286 fits in.

    I also had a dream that came true (in a way) the week before. I dreamed it on a Monday and the following Monday the thing I dreamed about happened.

    Your dream is weirder… and much more interesting though.

    I wish I would dream I won the lottery.

  2. AuntB, I love this dream, and it’s very revealing.

    Despite the story line, this is simply a dream about wanting to be in a relationship without having to deal with how hard it is to get there. That relationship could simply be a work relationship, family relatiosnhip or sexual relationship. Sex dreams aren’t always about sex. They can also be about power dynamics in your existing relationships.

    In your dream, the family (relationship) is already made (it exists by causes already in motion – work, love, committment), and now is time to reevaluate commitment (the “strip club” investment opportunity).

    You, though, feel held back. Your means of travel through this world (car representing the body) appears to you broken, but the car does what it will despite you not being in control. You have one speed when it comes to committment: go, and stopping to think is hard for you. You are blind in the process (detached from your intuition), yet get where you need to go.

    This means you are generally anxious right now about some relationship (work, friend, lover, church, etc) and feel the direction you are going is someone else’s will, and the destination is of someone else’s making, but you do get there… but in situations you might not find ideal.

    This dream advises you to take some initiative in your personal relationships. Be the one that involves others rather than the one that is involved with what others want for themselves.

    That will be one RC Cola and a moonpie.

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