7 thoughts on “Krauss is Living My Dream

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

    I saw them perform together at the Americana Awards there in NasVegas last September, and all I could talk about when we got back was, “I saw Robert Plant! And Allison Krauss!” WooHoo! I was soooo thrilled. And Allison is a Champaign girl! I have the cd too, and I love it.

    P.S.: Robert looks a bit worn in person, it must have been all that hard living. He doesn’t look as worn as Billy Bob (who we also saw) though, so at least he’s got that going for him.

  2. Is it wrong that I hope she’s fucking him? And that I hope she randomly calls people up and whispers “I’ve fucked Robert Plant” into the phone?

  3. But she has the perfect voice for whispering “I fucked Robert Plant” into the phone. She doesn’t have to tell people it’s her or anything gauche like that.

  4. B, you do understand that the main reason I dislike her as an artist is that the wispy little baby voice she sings in isn’t her speaking voice? She sounds like an ordinary adult woman, one who might well rejoice in fucking a rock star (I would draw the line at Plant, myself, but different strokes for different folks) and would celebrate it robustly. She has a great voice for yelling, “hey, world, I fucked Robert Plant,” and if she sang using it I would be her fan.

  5. I hope she’s doing just what she wants, whatever that happens to be. I think she’s very cool as a person, and with a good robust sense of humor, too. I’ll just go hear Rhonda Vincent or Alecia Nugent sing instead.

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