The Number One Reason Harold Ford Should Go to Commerce

Oh, sure, there may be legitimate reasons, but let’s not overlook the most important one: The Fords as a political dynasty are going to make someone the most entertaining book every written about goings-on in Tennessee.  Ever.  Hands down, if done right, it will become a classic of American Literature.  Don’t doubt me.  I knew a play about a vibrator would be awesome and look!

But here’s the thing.  Right now, the story basically goes “There were the Fords of Memphis.  They had a tremendous rise to political power.  Then they had an enormous and often hilarious and mortifying fall from grace.”  But what comes of it?  What good are the side families and the drug problems and the shootings and the funeral homes and the indictments?  Is this a tragedy or a story of one man’s triumph over and place-taking-in his family?  And until we know what Jr. makes of his life, we can’t know the shape the story takes.

And me?  I’m a fan of ludicrousness followed by salvation.

So, that’s what I’m hoping for.

10 thoughts on “The Number One Reason Harold Ford Should Go to Commerce

  1. GoldenI, if you think he’s a black man from Memphis, you don’t know very much about him. There’s little about him that is black or Memphis.

  2. Hee hee. Lesley, having gone to law school with Ford, while my impression is only a very superficial and uninformed one, I kinda see where you’re going with that. Then again, law school is a fount of immaturity and hopefully Ford has matured since his spitball-throwing, catcalling, making-inappropriate-comments-about-women-on-a-daily-basis days.

  3. Octogalore, you tell me stuff like that and you get my hopes all up that Jr.’s going to have a side family or some other family-fitting scandal and that it will be up to his kids to break the family ridiculousness.

    I can’t help it. I love the Fords. I know they’re no good for Memphis and no good for Tennessee, but I love them anyway.

  4. Oh, we NEED to see that play. When might it come to TPAC? ha ha. But I feel compelled to point out that your short story is going to be about a dildo, not a vibrator. Maybe now’s the time to write it. Between Maines’ non-ficton and Ruhl’s play, the market is ripe for your offering.

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