Two things.

1.  A funny story.  So, I work at a place that will give you a free sample of our product if you are thinking abour requiring a bunch of people to purchase that product.  All we ask is that you pay shipping and handling.  $7.50.  Well, today, a person wrote and asked if she could return the free sample and get her money back.  That made me laugh hard enough as it was.  I mean, shoot, if you just wanted to look at it, there are whole buildings devoted to the acquisition of our product for people who just want to browse through it.  Why would you ask us for it and then want to return it?  And who refunds shipping and handling?  No.  But most hilarious–we didn’t charge her shipping and handling.

I can’t decide if she’s just a moron or a scam artist.

2.  Oooooooo. Puppies.  The first photo will crack you up, I promise.

3 thoughts on “Things

  1. Remind me to tell you about the dispute on my department about requesting exam copies of books. I swear, there are so many assholes in the world who use some sort of ostensible legitimate anti-authoritarian politics to really justify (to themselves) their intense desire to treat themselves as exceptions to all rules and guidelines.

  2. Jeez, we have two more now. Pinky is a beast with the babies. (She is very good with them. I finally got to touch one after she did her bonding thing with them. They were slimy yet quite awesome.)

  3. One of my textbook reps told me some stories about profs scamming desk copies with the intention to sell to Barnes and Nobles on their textbook buyback site and then getting pissed at him when he sent them non-vendable merch. They demanded that he take the “bad” books back and send them “good” books.

    Please. It’s not like professors are on the welfare, as my father used to say.

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