Those Poor Bastards

I will say this for Hank III, the man has good taste in music.  Not that I have anything bad to say about Hank III, mind you.  I’m just saying that I was listening to the three songs off Those Poor Bastards’ new album that I picked up off the internet somewhere and I was thinking, who are these people and why have I never heard of them?  And I go to their website and, of course, they’ve been touring with Hank III.

Anyway, the three songs I’ve heard of theirs are a cover of “Walk the Line” which, frankly, isn’t very good, and “Crooked Man” and “The Bright Side” all off of their “Satan is Watching” album.  “Crooked Man” and “The Bright Side” are brilliant.  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.  From their website, they seem to be trying to pitch themselves as “gothic country” in a way that suggests that this sounds like some old, true strain of country music.  That is, of course, as the song says, “bullshit, fucking bullshit.”  It’s more like, if Rob Zombie and Gillian Welch had a baby that they let Hank III babysit, assuming Hank III was on drugs during the lullabye portion of the evening.

So, I guess it’s traditional in that sense of “Here’s what we wish country music would have sounded more like all along,” a la Welch.  But it’s got the theatric evil of a good Rob Zombie song, but without the sense that it’s all a put-on.

Finding out that they were out of Madison, Wisconsin, was about the least surprising thing on the planet, as it’s country music for kids who grew up on Metallica.

Anyway, since I like Rob Zombie, Gillian Welch, Hank III (and II and I, for that matter), and old Metallica (though I haven’t heard anyone say anything about their new pussy-as-grave album.  Was it not very good?), I like what I’ve heard of Those Poor Bastards.

Ha, in all my justifying, I have run out of time to talk about the stuff I like best–the crazy interesting lyrics and that I discovered them for free on the internet from the comfort of my own home.  And I’m tickled by all this bullshit myth-making.  I like to see it in action.

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