“Tiny”? Check. “Cat”? Check. “Pants”? Check. “Okay, send it to Aunt B.”

One of you sent this to me and I love it so much I sometimes look at it at that point in the afternoon when you’ve given up on the day but the clock says keep working just to get through.  And I now have permission to share it with you.

I am making Lucy an honorary Tiny Cat Pants cat.  She is the only cat to hold such a prestigious honor (okay, mostly because I just made that honor up right this second).

An enormous “Thanks” to the man willing to have his drawers shown to the whole internet.


10 thoughts on ““Tiny”? Check. “Cat”? Check. “Pants”? Check. “Okay, send it to Aunt B.”

  1. While it pains me to think nice things about him right now, this was a regular scene at my sister’s house with my brother-in-law and his cat. Or at least that’s what he reports. I never witnessed that myself. It’s rather endearing.

  2. An explanation is in order:

    Our new kitten, Lucy, jumped in by boyfriend’s pants while he was, um, reading.

    He memorialized this gem of kitten wackiness with his iPhone.

    I love how she’s looking at him like, “Oh hi, do you mind if I sit in your pants?”

  3. This also is the epitome of LOLcat-ing.


    Thanks for shooting it, Lucy’s dad (hee); sending it, Lucy’s mom; and sharing it, B. And thanks to Lucy for doing it.

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