An Open Letter to Newscoma

Dear Newscoma,

The economy is in the shitter.  People are losing their jobs and homes left and right.  I have a homeless Republican sleeping on my couch right now*, which is depressing on a couple of levels.  Our State Legislature is trying to figure out how to deprive people of their liberty and are filled with people too chicken-shit to even face the people whose lives they are ruining.

Every time I open my browser or turn on the TV, it’s more bad news.

In times like these, you have practically a moral obligation to continue to post photos of your puppies.  Every time I look at them, I think, well, you know, things are bad, but there are puppies.

I really benefit from that.

So, please, don’t apologize for posting pictures of puppies and please, don’t stop.


Aunt B.

*That’s right.  A Republican!  And people say I’m partisan.

14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Newscoma

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  2. I dunno. I almost feel like she should apologize for the post about Zorro. I’m pretty bummed for the little guy. And for Pinky and Coma.

  3. W, it bummed me too. It was tragic however, it’s part of it I guess.
    I’ll say I’m sorry.

    I liked that little guy. :(

    P.S. Have I become a puppy blogger? I haven’t posted about politics in days. Just puppies.

  4. It made me sad, too, but what a good piece of writing! And I’m all for puppy blogging. They’re so cute that I just want to poke their bellies!

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