An Open Note to My Dad

Dear Dad,

I love, love, love that you’ve been now driving around imagining what words we’d have to get rid of if we took this English-only stuff to its natural conclusion.  That tickles me so much.  So, I have not forgotten your wondering about the word “rent” and, yes, it appears it would have to go.  It’s French.  From the 12th century.  It seems to have always been used to mean an item of revenue or income and originally comes from the word “render” which, at the time, had the sense of meaning “repeat giving.”

Please take your big red marker to the “for rent” signs in you neighborhood.

In silly solidarity,


3 thoughts on “An Open Note to My Dad

  1. Words taken from French, I feel, are only fair trade for words they’ve taken from English. Le chewing-gum. Faire du shopping. (which, hilariously, has mutated in New Orleans to “makin’ groceries.”) Etc. Wait, that’s Latin. Is it forbidden?

  2. Well, I have to think not, seeing as that my dad and I are attempting to make things miserable for the English-only folks. Once a word has been ruled non-English, it’s out, even if we’ve been using it for 1000 years.

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