The “Sex” Card

If Campfield is in possession of a “sex” card, can we see some evidence that he has paid a 25% sin tax on it?

(psst. Rep, you mean “gender” card.  We’ve supposedly played the gender card.  Playing the “sex” card is something entirely different and more fun, when done right.  For a failed attempt at playing the “sex” card, perhaps you should ask your caucus mate, Williams?)

10 thoughts on “The “Sex” Card

  1. “We don’t have time to divide up the state legislature for partisan Democrat race/sex baiting games. Lets talk about the serious issues we face.” – Someone should be taking his own advice.

  2. You know, I’ve been operating under the assumption that the post was a joke, a pretty clever joke, if not one I, as a liberal found particularly funny. But then I worry I’m giving him too much credit.

  3. Golly, Bridgett, why the oppressive, prescriptive body image stuff? If not for people like you, Campfield would have fixed all the state’s problems serious issues by now.

  4. Oooh, I just clicked through and read Campfield’s post. You didn’t tell us it had the racism card in it, too. That’s wonderful.

  5. Slightly off topic, the whole thing reminds me of whenever Monk accuses someone of having a sex affair. I feel like we should have some kind of intervention, where we encourage Campfield to look at naked people.

    NM, I know! The whole thing is so rich and hilarious. “We’re the anti-sexism party, you pussies!” being my favorite part, followed by “Casada has a funny last name, so that makes him practically Hispanic.” being the second.

  6. OK, against better judgement, I followed nm’s exampleand clicked through as well. Now I think I need a Campy translation service. The people who are suing Obama to see his birth certificate are “defending our president.” Wow. Should we be glad they’re not attacking? What would that entail?

    BTW – the “better judgement” was intended to reflect my concerns of clicking through to the village idiot, not following nm’s example.

  7. Translated: “Defending the office of president.” Same thing that they claimed during the Lewinquisition.

  8. Has he even had sex yet? My daddy taught me to never speak about things I have no knowledge of. Camp should listen to my daddy.

  9. His rational was that they’re forcing the president to prove his citizenship so that he won’t have to waste any more time defending it. At first I thought he was being sarcastic, but now I wonder a little.

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