3 thoughts on “For Chris Wage

  1. I’ve thought about doing this more.. I did make one pass at something similar that you can see here:

    View from the Capitol

    — a picture my uncle took. The hard part is that it’s very difficult to get the precise angle and field of view right such that you could do a literal overlap like that..

    The field of view of any camera is a surprisingly complex factor of the camera body, lens, etc used, and, well, cameras used in the early 20th century are a lot different than my 20D..

    But I should try this more, the effect is very cool.. I’ve thought about doing it with riverfront, and the building that is next to the shelby street bridge (on the east side of the river) — that thing has been there almost as long as Nashville has

  2. Hurray! Yeah, I wondered if the line-up the Russian guy was getting was more a result of great photoshopping skills, but I didn’t want to look too closely to have it spoiled for me.

    But I love the “then and now” aspect of it for sure and think it’d be cool to do around town.

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