The Recalcitrant Brother Has an Announcement

So, my recalcitrant brother called to announce that he’s giving up two things for Lent–food during the day and smoking.

This is surprising for any number of reasons.  One, we’re Methodists of the strain that doesn’t just not celebrate Lent but views Lent as like a second Christmas, where you get to run around mocking your Catholic friends–“Mmm, this Friday cheeseburger sure is good.”  “Oh, yum, warm chocolate chip cookies.  You didn’t give up chocolate for Lent did you?  Such a shame.”

And since he’s still living down with the Klan, you know he didn’t discover that he’s secretly Catholic.

But he’s taking it seriously and, well, more power to him.  It just goes to show you never can tell.

8 thoughts on “The Recalcitrant Brother Has an Announcement

  1. I sometimes find myself tempted to give up something for Lent. We Lutherans kind of half-assed it (Catholic lite, you know). I gave up TV one year in high school, which gave me all kinds of time I didn’t know I had. As for your bro, I can understand giving up smoking, but “food during the day”? What the hell?

  2. It’s his personal Ramadan, maybe…while observing spiritual traditions not his own, I think he just wanted to be equal opportunity.

  3. Hmmm, is anyone else’s blog pingbacks not showing up here on TCP? I’ve seen a couple in recent past posts from some of you, but I never see NIT’s.

  4. Well, that’s what’s going on. WordPress is telling me that I have an incoming link to Tiny Cat Pants, but not showing it as a link to a specific post. That’s weird.

  5. I’m not Catholic, but I believe I am going to observe Lent. I am giving up TV.


    Or until it makes me crazy and I break down and watch a House marathon or something.

  6. True story: way back when I was a nursing assistant, I was spoken to for trying to wash the ashes off people’s foreheads on Ash Wednesday. I had little to no religious background and was very concerned that so many of my people had dirty faces, so to speak.

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