Okay, The Last Thing I Have to Say about the Civil War and the LOC site

I downloaded a map for you from the LOC site of Middle Tennessee at about the time of the Civil War.  I am putting it up here.  Please be aware that it is gigantic.  But so cool.  I am a little sad I don’t live near Dog Town, just off Chicken Road (Kathy!  You didn’t even tell me such a thing was possible!).  But I do appear to live just north of Poor House Gap, which is so true.  After flipping back and forth between this and google maps, I’m pretty sure that Tollgate is Joelton.  And you can follow Old Clarksville Pike pretty clearly on both maps.

Oh, come on.  Don’t complain.  You wanted a good way to waste a half an hour, didn’t you?


6 thoughts on “Okay, The Last Thing I Have to Say about the Civil War and the LOC site

  1. I can’t tell if this is working or not. Let me know if, even if the thumbnail doesn’t come up, clicking on the name of the map doesn’t work.

  2. I got it to come up. I love this map. I grew up in Donelson (near Clover Bottom) and most of my family is still there. My mom worked for the state at the Cloverbottom Development Center. Weird.

    Too bad I never like geography and history in college. Would have made those credits much easier to obtain.

  3. Very cool map. Is this Mt. Pleasant place, that is southwest of Henderson(ville), Madison? I didn’t see Clarksville. Did you see the place called Witches? Its east of Lafayette, which on this old map is spelled the way folks around here pronounce it La Fayette.
    This is a huge time suck, it’s awesome.

  4. Really cool! It’s neat to see what names have stuck around and which ones don’t really seem to be in use anymore.

    Part of my family’s from Lascassas, which is now pronounced “Lass [rhymes with ‘sass’]-kass-uhs,” but on the map it’s “Las Casas.” I wonder how/when it ended up changing spelling/pronunciation. The internet knows, probably. Also, I’m thinking Eric Crafton would approve of the newer, more Anglo-fied version.

    I think there’s a Chicken Pike around today, in Smyrna. But it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near where Chicken Road is on the map. And I sadly don’t know of any current day Dog Towns.

    I’d kind of like to live near Ugly Creek.

  5. It’s part of what the Missus says about how La Fayette is spelled (and how Hardin is spelled, too) that makes me a little unsure about trusting his spelling of Las Casas. It could just be that the map maker was trying to make sense of the accent around here and the name he was being told and giving it his best guess.

    I’m totally trying to figure out where Witches would be. He has Red Springs (which I’m assuming is Red Boiling Springs) too far north, and Witches appears to be where Red Boiling Springs is now and there is a Witcher Hollow road in Red Boiling Springs.

    It’s funny. His stuff in my part of the world is pretty dang accurate, but the sutff out east seems to be based on what he was being told, not on what he saw.

    Oh, and Missus, Clarksville is way to the left at the top.

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