House Joint Resolution 132

Representative Camper has submitted House Joint Resolution 132.  This legislation is so awesome that I almost don’t want to tell you what it is.  Okay, I’m not going to.  I cannot risk stealing any of the credit for Camper’s genius.  Just go look and then come back here and tell me how cool it is to see a legislator fighting back.

14 thoughts on “House Joint Resolution 132

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  2. OMG.

    Funny, and then also, NOT funny. Men don’t **have** to have a vasectomy in the same way a woman may need an abortion. I’m not a doctor but I can’t think of a case where a man might die if he didn’t get a vasectomy.

    But it will at least get the conversation going.

  3. That beats the sponsorship of the Democratic bill being considered – which is an abortion ban with exceptions, rather than the E Uterus Unum (all your babies are belong to us) version being bandied about by the Campfield caucus…

  4. Ha! Fantastic move by Camper. Makes me wish I lived in her district. Kudos to her for having some balls!

  5. I’m having a hard time finding the full text of the legislation, but the summary makes it sound like they are adding a statement specifying that it is not a right to get a vasectomy.

    I would think the she-woman man-haters club would like that.

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  7. Is he serious? He and his ilk of conservatives are coming very close to being Volkish thinkers.

  8. Sorry, I only gave this a brief read. I thought “Camper” was Campfield. Makes more sense when you read the article!

  9. Casey, oh, ha! Now I love your comment a little bit. I’m trying to imagine the look on your face when you thought it was him.

  10. Of course, not how a boy, myself, gets all offended when I can’t cut my wee wee, but most of us sit out the abortion debate.

    Campfield really is crazy enough to try and ban all forms of birth control. Only in America!

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